$10 per night
$10 per night
Hostal Tambo Viejo, Arequipa, Peru

Hostal Tambo Viejo

Arequipa, Peru - Avenida Malecon Socabaya

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  • Immaculately clean
  • Magnificent accommodation
  • Very safe and secure
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Good place to stay in Arequipa ... Hostel Tambo Viejo is a good place to stay in Arequipa, you can see the local live outside of the tourist area, but you still can walk to the main square in some minutes.
The hostel has 10 rooms with private bath and 1 dormitory, the breakfast are original, ...

Description - Hostel

The hostel is situated a little way from the center (about 15 minutes walk, 5 blocks south of the Plaza) close to the bus and railway stations. The hostel has both rooms with shared and private bathrooms with hot water all day

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The space
  • Property type: Hostel
  • Public classification: 3
Hostel accommodations

Lowest price available: $10

Hostel amenities

Cafe (vegetarian breakfast and meals available)

Price details

$10 - 24 per night

Included in rates: taxes and services

Location - Hostel

Avenida Malecon Socabaya
Departamento de Arequipa
Peru  107

Latitude: -16.40986, Longitude: -71.53656